5 Things my Apartment is Lusting After Right Now

I missed out on my list last Sunday because I had my race. This list was inspired by my mom, who asked me what I wanted for Christmas (yes... it's barely October), and by the obsession with my apartment that I may or may not have recently developed.

1) Peacock Rug

You can never go wrong with a rug named after a bird.

Round Peacock Printed Rug - $48.00

Reasons I love it: It's just about my favorite color on earth, and it's round, which makes it useful in all sorts of places.

Reasons why I probably don't need it: It's rather small, and I can say for certainty that I would have NO idea where to put this in my apartment.

2) Conceal Book Shelf

I have seen these absolutely everywhere. After the 15th time, I made up my mind that I should have one too. They have a special clip on the underside which makes it appear as if your books are floating on air.

Conceal Book Shelf - $7.49

Reasons I love it: It is one of the easiest way to make use of wall space, while still managing to look polished.

Reasons why I probably don't need it: I don't have that many books in my apartment right now. Those that I DO have are not nearly as simple and pretty as these in the photo... mine have weird titles and come in odd shapes. It's quite possible I don't even own a hardcover book.

3) Shoe Cabinet

Functional and sleek, this cabinet is the perfect solution for shoes all over the floor (I counted 4 pair this morning). Plus, it's IKEA... and who doesn't love IKEA?

SKAR Shoe Cabinet - $89.99

Reasons I love it: The color, the design, but mainly the width (only 7 1/2 inches!). It's thin build allows it to fit almost anywhere.

Reasons why I probably don't need it: It only holds 6 pairs of shoes... that's a little disappointing. Along with that, it's two legs mean it must be attached to the wall (making it significantly more annoying than most furniture).

4) Sock Clips

This is less lust and more curiosity and amazement. Whoever invented these just might be a total genius. I recently cleaned out my sock drawer and found EIGHT socks that did not have a match. I am in disbelief as to how on earth that happens.

Sock Pro Sock Clips - $3.99 each

Reasons I love it: They are not just for keeping your socks in line sans rolling, folding, or tying... they are washer and dryer safe! This means that from the minute you take the socks off, the clip can go on and it will stay on up through your next wear.

Reasons why I probably don't need it: To be honest, I'm skeptical. I imagine it would take my socks forever to dry when they are clipped together (especially my big thick running socks). Plus, you'd be left with a crazy bunched-up look once you took the clip off.

5) Charging Station

My boyfriend can testify to the fact that I have cords EVERYWHERE. I don't know what most of them go to, but cords are the type of thing you just can't get rid of (the moment you do, you'll find that electric razor which doubles as an MP3 player that needs it). But for the essential cords... phone, Ipod, camera, etc, there is the ever-so-handy charging station.

Cell Phone Charging Station - $29.99

Reasons I love it: It's blue-trim and organizational skills give me goosebumps.

Reasons why I probably don't need it: Let's face it, putting four of my gadgets on a charging station won't begin to tackel the cord problem. Plus, my camera has its own super awkwardly shaped charging station.


I havn't written much this week because I havn't done anything. Nothing. Nada. I have taken the week and decided to ban all thought of working out. They begin again tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: a short story about Marilyn Monroe and the Mime that never was.


Marcy said...

OMG I SOOOOOO need those sock clips! Thanks for the linkys. I totally dig that rug too. Very cool!

Rainmaker said...

Wow, that charging station is pretty cool!

Karen said...

FYI, you would need at least 10 of those shoe things to store all your shoes, maybe more.

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