I'm Running for VP of Slacking

I won't go into the insignificant details of what I've been up to for the past few days... but let's just say it involved a lot of good (bad for me) food and a lot of NOT working out.

I shall call these past 4 days my "resting period."

So I bet you want to know how I did on my race (if you don't, then fake it).

Swim (5oo yds): 10:05
Bike (13.7 mi):
Run (3.1 mi): 36:43
Total Time: 1:44:34

Average Bike Speed: 15 mph
Average Run Pace: 11:51
Athena Placing: 7 in Swim, 7 in Bike, 6 in Run, 7 Total (out of 13)
Female Placing: 44 in Swim, 82 in Bike, 80 in Run, 80 Total (out of 130)

On Saturday, I listed my goals as a 9:30 swim, a 1 hour bike, and no walking on my run. I obviously didn't get my 9:30 swim (looking back, it was a bit unrealistic), but I did complete my other two goals.

-I got beat by a lot of women who were a lot older than me.
-My 5k time was exceptionally slow.
-My total female placing is below the half mark.

Pleasant Surprises:
-Compared to my bike and run placing, my overall swim placing floored me. I had NO idea I was that good of a swimmer.
-My average bike speed was higher than it's ever been.
-I came in 6 minutes faster than my total goal time.

So what's next? Maybe another 5K. Until then, I need to figure out how to strike a good balance between working out and taking it easy. I want to stay fit, but not mentally beat myself up if I take a few days off every week.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great times!!! If you are the VP of slacking, then I must be the President.

Karen said...

Days off, there are no days off, only I can take days off.

Marcy said...

You did EXCELLENT!! No disappointments there, you silly!

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