Just Do It

Well, no intense back distasters (yet).

Yesterday it felt fine.

Today is hurts again.

But my biggest fear was it would get worse, which it hasn't... which is good.

So whereas I went for a short run yesterday, I'm taking today off. I will do one last swim tomorrow, and take Saturday off before the race.

With all of this hot weather we've been having, I was surprised to find out that Sunday will be rather chilly. This makes me happy. Nothing ruins a good afternoon triathlon like 80 degree heat.

Sorry there isn't anything entertaining here. I'm kind of using mental blinders: get my back feeling better. Get through the race.


Karen said...

Glad your back is not hurting as much. See you Saturday!!

Marcy said...

Good luck!! I hope that back stops giving you issues ;-)

Rainmaker said...

Heat can add up to 10% onto your race time...sounds like Sunday might be shaping up to be a PR!

Good luck!

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