Tomorrow will be my first Sprint Triathlon. As much as I've complained and fought it and as nervous as I am for the race, I hope that this will be my first of many sprint triathlons.

But it's in this moment... when you've prepared as best as possible and there is nothing left to do, that you really step back and realize how much went into this one day.

My family has been great. My mom got into town this morning. I told her a month ago that she didn't need to come to this race... it's not very "viewer friendly." But she insisted. So she will be there tomorrow to cheer me on and she will be there at the finish line. Along with that, my parents have, thus far, soaked up the cost of my new bike, Reagan (I'm broke broke broke).

I can barely begin to describe how supportive my boyfriend, Ryan, has been. We are enduring an obnoxious long distance relationship (Chicago/Philadelphia), so the majority of our relationship is played out over the phone at the end of the night. And every night that we talk, SOMETHING triathlon related is brought up. Some nights, it monopolizes the conversation. But he has never complained or changed the subject. And he still has the ability to remind me how strong I am.

All of that mushiness being said... here are my personal goals for tomorrow's race:

Swim: 9:30
Bike: 1 Hour
Run: No Walking

They are pretty basic... but I'll be happy if I get 2 out of 3.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll try to get a race report up tomorrow afternoon.

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