Zero to 5K in One Day

Wow. Apparently I had no idea today was Friday. I talked to my mom on the phone last night and was completely clueless. That means I had one less day than I thought to prepare for this weekend's 5K.

I planned out an easy 2 miler this morning. I even walked a little bit just to make sure I didn't overdo it. But when I got home, my watch didn't match the "leisurely" pace I supposedly took.

2.02 miles

That's a 9.01 minute mile including my walking. Even though it felt like I was creeping along at a snail's pace, I come to find out that I was actually running faster than usual. Woops.

Tomorrow is my second official 5K (my third time running 3.1 miles without walking (I'm NOT going to walk tomorrow)).

Previous times...
Knight Run 5K, 31:45
Unofficial 5K, 29:27

Thus, my goal for tomorrow is under 29 minutes.

I'm excited about this run. It's much larger than my first 5K, and it's right across the river from where I live. My camera lady (aka Mom) is coming with tomorrow to cheer me on, so pictures will be posted later.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good running tomorrow. I know you'll be under 29. Heidi is @ new Trier tennising, Marga and Michele there, Allison will be golfing in Gibson City. Bunch of busy girls. keep it up. Opa in LeRoy

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