Official Race Photos

Race photos have been posted and all I have to say is I should have gotten first place...

... for hottness!

After my swim ("Baywatch" anyone?):

During the bike:

Look at me go!

Tired on the run...

(Note: my choice to wear only black and white was pure coincidence (which must mean I'm dumb for not noticing until I was fully dressed)).

Here is the grand finale...

This week has been pretty dull. I keep wavering between wanting to work out and not feeling up for it, and feeling like working out but not wanting to. Why can't my body and my brain join teams?!

So as an official announcement, I WILL workout tomorrow... whether I want to or not. I have a 5K on Saturday, and I need to prepare at least a little bit (I was super sore the day after my 20 minute bike ride the other day... PATHETIC!).

To end this post, I will leave you with my favorite photo from the race photos "Lost and Found" bin. Talk about ENTHUSIASM!

We should ALL be so happy while racing.


Anonymous said...

Smile more when you race. Isn't it fun? Good photos but you look too serious. Opa in LeRoy

Kelly said...

Well... I smiled each time I knew my picture was being taken. Obviously since I'm not smiling, this photographer was pretty stealth. Sneaky man. I smiled for my parents when they got me, though.

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