Ode to Every Restaurant that isn't Culvers

I just wanted to throw this out into the blogosphere... Culvers sucks.

It always SEEMS like such a good idea. But this is the THIRD time I've eaten there and felt sick immediately afterwards. And it's not just one specific Culvers... but ALL the Culvers' across the midwest (especially in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois).

I should have known better. My mom even said, "I thought you swore off Culvers cause it makes you sick?" And I got a good laugh, recalling those days with combined fondness and disgust.

Well, those days are here, my friend!

I officially re-announce my Culvers boycott. Take THAT, dairyland chain!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Oh man I love Culver's.

So I will ignore you.

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