Today Was Better

I actually got a full night's sleep last night. THANK YOU, CONSTRUCTION MEN!

So I was up and ready to go for a bike ride. I wanted something different, so I headed out in a new direction and went down some new streets.

And I'm excited to report that the Brady Bunch has been found! Apparently they live just down the street from me...

Here is a shot from the house's glory days...

Alright... alright... so it doesn't look THAT much like it. But that's only because there isn't a campy family of 8 dressed in the latest polyester fashions living there.

... NO family is that happy.

So I kept riding along. I crossed the river to the bike path and that's when I saw it off in the distance...

Oh yes... that's it... the Brady Bunch house AGAIN. Apparently I had been looking at the wrong side earlier:

You canNOT deny that there is a STRONG resemblence:

Except that they lived in sunny california and I live in gloomy Illinois.

Ok, ENOUGH about the Brady Bunch.

I went further than I had originally planned on biking. The original route:

...But I just can't resist scenery like this:

By far my favorite stretch of the bike path.

There was an apartment surprise when I got back... a mirror in the lobby.

Hello, Reagan!

Overall, it was a good long ride. I got to spin out my legs which were still sore from my sprint interval 2 days ago (stupid me (stupid shins)).

Distance: 11.624 miles
Maximum Speed: 22.1 mph
Average Speed: 13.5 mph
Calories Burned: 418.4
Fat Burned: 49.6
Time Riding: 51 minutes 37 seconds
Total Time Out: 54 minutes 19 seconds

On an exciting note, my wetsuit rental arrived!

Yeah... yeah... that's the face I plan to make on race day to scare my competitors. GURRRRRRR.

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