8 Days and Counting

I had a busy busy morning, so my workout was short. I did a run/walk of 2.08 miles in 21:26. What's suprising is that 21:26 comes out to a 10:18 mile which isn't all that slow considering I walked some. But when I was running, I felt like I was going faster than usual. That's a good sign... I think those sprint intervals I did helped.

I am SO busy for the next few weeks...
8/15: Ryan arrives
8/16: Chicago (my first open water swim)
8/17: Back home
8/20: Ryan leaves
8/22: Doctor Appt, Multisport Expo in Chicago
8/23: Triathlon day! (I still have to work that day too)
8/30: On the Waterfront 5K

Hmm... now that I write all out, it really doesn't seem like all that much. Phew.


In honor of the Olympics and the fact that Ryan will be here tomorrow, I present you with:

Ryan and Kelly: A Rhythmic Gymnastics Story

Press play.

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Look at those moves!


Karen said...

You are nuts!!! Does Ryan know that?

Rainmaker said...

Ha! That little JibJab video is hilarious!

RPBenton said...

yeah...that's right...i've got moves. ribbon dancer moves. and i am secure in my hot pink spandex.

The Clyde said...

The Chinese don't have anything on you guys.

Michelle @ Diary of an Aspiring Loser said...

It still seems like a lot to me!! Have fun during all of it :)

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