Life After a Triathlon

Well, the first thing I did after my triathlon ended was go into a physical and mental coma. I don't really remember anything from the time I left Chicago until 36 hours later.

My back still isn't better, so I'm trying to take it easy. I had yesterday off work, and I didn't feel well enough to go work out, so I channeled my energy towards vamping up my living room.

A minor accomplishment to most... but I managed to successfully string some of my photographs up on the wall using wire and metallic clips.

White on white is hard to work with, so this gave them a little more depth than they had before.

This decorating frenzy also involved shopping...

And rearranging...

And fake flowers...

All in all, a productive day.

But when I woke up this morning, I was once again left with nothing to do (not that I'm complaining! I would take a day of boredom at home over a day at work any time!). I felt a little guilty, because not counting the race on Saturday, today marked a full week of not working out. My back is definitely better than it was 5 days ago, so I decided to take my back and Reagan out for a spin.

My "spin" ended up lasting only 20 minutes. The wind was making me angry and my back was acheing some. The very LAST thing I want to do is make it worse (I have a 5K this Saturday)!

Distance: 4.55 miles
Time: 19:34
Maximum Speed: 19.7 mph
Average Speed: 13.4 mp
Calories Burned: 158.5
Fat Burned: 19.5


I've been trying to negotiate in my head whether I should buy my wetsuit or not. I rented it from wetsuitrental.com for $40. The nice part about renting from them is if you like your wetsuit, they will put that $40 towards the purchase of it.

When I emailed them asking about the price, I was surprised to find out that the suit they rented me was brand new.

They said they would sell it to me for an additional $140 (this exact wetsuit runs for $190 brand new). But I also have the choice of using my $40 to purchase one of their used wetsuits, which would most likely be cheaper. Decisions decisions.


On a different, more secretive note, there is something I've been thinking about. This "something" is called the J-Hawk Late Bird Triathlon.

The reason I'm whispering (yes... I'm whispering), is because it's just a THOUGHT... a tiny little bud of an idea in my head.

It has to stay a small idea because there are a lot of IFs. IF I have that day off work or IF I can get that day off work. IF my back begins to feel better. IF I can do that distance (it's a sprint). IF IF IF.

((On the plus side... the swim is in an indoor pool, the triathlon isn't for another month, and it's only an hour away from here)).



Karen said...

A TRI MONSTER has been created!!

Go for it.

Rainmaker said...

One quick thought on the Wetsuits - but XTerra has all thier wetsuits on sale for 50% off (new) right now. Thier Sleeveless one is thus $125. Just use the code AUG50 in your checkout to see the 50% off price.


As for lounging around after a race - trust me, I do a ton of that too. My total accomplishment for today was watching the price is right.

Anonymous said...

Where is the 5k , Marga and Michele are at New Trier with Heidi's tennis and could do the 5k too. Glad back is better. Opa in LeRoy

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