Vacation Report

I'm a horrible person.

I went to D.C. and Philadelphia and I had a great time... but I BARELY worked out. If you can even call it that. I'll call it 4 days of "cross training."


4 or 5 miles walking. Ryan and I toured the National Mall. We went to the Jefferson Memorial and then to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Did I mention it was 95 degress out? Well... it was 95 degrees.


About 4 miles walking. In the morning, we walked around Alexandria, VA and got breakfast. In the afternoon, we went back downtown D.C. and saw more sites... the World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and finally, we saw us some Italian Ice. Mmmm.


Ryan had a doctor appointment, so I made myself useful... I went for a run. But I decided that running up and down hills in the 90 degree heat wasn't fun. So if I was going to be miserable, then someone else was going to be miserable with me... so I made Ryan's dog useful. Morgan and I ran (and stopped to sniff the bushes) for about 20 minutes. We didn't get very far (he REALLY likes to stop and sniff the bushes). I'd say it was about 1.75 miles. Note to self: get a dog that can run more than 100 meters at a time.


With the option to either watch a movie or go biking, Ryan and I dragged out the bikes: a cannondale mountain bike from the 1990s and a road bike from the 1500s. Ryan took the mountain bike and I the road bike. When I sat on the seat, only one toe touched the ground, and it had gears that shifted in a way I've never seen. Ryan and I road a 3 mile loop around his area. It was an odd 3 miles. The first 1.5 miles were all downhill. I only pedalled once or twice and had my breaks on almost constantly. But then we hit a hill that was a good 30 degree incline for about 3/4 of a mile. We had to walk most of that. So overall, we only got maybe 5 minutes of actual biking in. Woops.


Nothing. I woke up too early, got on a plane that was too hot, and was too late getting home to stop by my apartment before work. No time, no desire.


So... I havn't done any of my training since last Thursday. Eek. Tomorrow... I need to get back on track. It's 5 weeks until the triathlon and this may have been a tiny setback (the lack of working out PLUS all the eating out we did!).

It's supposed to hit the 90's, so I will most likely hit the pool. Mini goal: 14 laps. Go me.


RPBenton said...

I'm such a bad boyfriend! Next time...more training. But oh well, I'm sure you'll catch up. Glad you had fun though and a nice break from training.

Karen said...

Life can't be all work and no play, I know you will make it up this week, remember you are at your best when you are under pressure.

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