Mini Vacation

No workout today. I've trained for a week straight, so today is my day off. Plus, my legs are pretty sore from yesterday's run. Plus, I've been packing like crazy.

I'm going to see Ryan this weekend. He lives out east, which sucks, but it's always nice to hang out in a new city. My work schedule landed me a 4-day weekend, and since I don't get vacation days until January of 2009, I jumped on this chance to get away. This is as close to a vacation as I can get right now.

I'm flying in tomorrow morning (leaving my apartment at 3:30am... eek!). Ryan's gonna pick me up at the Philadelphia airport and then we're driving straight down to DC.

We're gonna do some serious sightseeing and spend the night at his Dad's work condo.

We'll be spending the rest of the time in Philadelphia.

Or... a Philadelphia suburb. Same difference.

He keeps telling me he's going to force me to workout. But with MY progress and his LACK of progress (according his un-updated blog), I think I'll be the one doing the forcing.

Good luck, Ryan.


Steve Stenzel said...

Have fun out there!!!

(and no, that's not measles...)

Karen said...

YOo know you are suppose to be nice to the host!!

Karen said...

This would by YOU

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