I Am a Running Machine

I woke up this morning feeling super ambitious. After the poor excuse for a workout yesterday, I knew I had to do this right.

It was a running day, so I plotted out a 3 mile loop near my apartment. I sent an IM to Ryan telling him what I was going to do. I needed to be held accountable. I wasn't going to let myself get out there and give up after 5 minutes.

Even though Weather.com said it wasn't going to start raining until 3pm, it was sprinkling when I got outside. But I was extremely grateful (especially towards the end when it came down harder) because it felt really good.

Everyone should be super proud of me. I DID complete my 3 mile run. I knew, going into it, that it would be 3 miles of running and walking. Here is my map... the red spots are (me guessing) where I walked. It's far better than I ever thought I could do:

I completed the 3.1 miles in 35 minutes. That's an average 11 minute mile, which isn't bad considering some of that was walking and considering I have never gone that far before. That's right... this is a new training record.

I hate running, but I was so happy with myself. Here I am, doubled over, sweaty, and wet from rain:

I had a grand epiphony while I was running. This triathlon training has made me far happier than I thought it would. Going into it, my main motivation was weight loss and getting in shape, so I pictured my days filled with pain and loathing. But, now that I'm halfway through (yes... OVER halfway!), I've realized just how many happy mornings I've had. Because this whole things is about more than just race day. It's about all those small challenges and all those small victories I experience daily.

So there's that.

(As for my weight loss... it's only 5 pounds. It's not as much as I thought it would be... but I don't really care that much anymore).


Karen said...

Way to go!! I just read an aritcle about someone that started running late in life it sort of motivated me, sort of I said.

Rainmaker said...

As for the DC suggestions - depending on what you have or haven't seen....

(Seen nothing before:)

A) The mall and all things around it. You can make a great run and hit all the major monuments in under and hour. Lots of fun.

B) The Smiths - hit up some of the major (free) Smithsonians. The big ones are Air and Space, Archives, National Gallery and Natural History.

C) Don't miss out on the Botanical Gardens.

Actually, now that I think of it - I just posted something two weekends ago about all the Tourist things to do in DC. And if ya click that post you can click "Washington DC" category at the bottom and get a bunch of good ideas!

That said, for food...I don't know. I tend to eat more in Old Town Alexandria. But Fogo downtown rocks!

Shoot me an e-mail if you've been here before and are lookng for other suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

RPBenton said...

You're the best. Double what we did when I was there...and I almost died then. Go Kelly! See you in 24 hours :)

triguyjt said...

great job on the run and good luck with your blog and with your racing..

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