Someone up there obviously does NOT want me to do my B-Fit B-Day Challenge. And they have succeeded.

a) I have to work again at 6 am tomorrow. That's right... I get to work at 6am, and I'm not finished until 11pm. Yay. That knocks me down to only 2 days to complete the challenge.

b) I drove by my bike path this evening, and it is GONE. The floods are a'comin, and this is proof. It is 100% underwater. This makes biking and running slightly more annoying and inconvenient.

c) My Y, which is directly NEXT to my bike path, is closed. Shut down. Not open. Locked. Fear of flood waters? Perhaps. This makes swimming absolutely impossible.

In conclusion, I guess I'll just mark it on my calendar for next year. Even nature is against me.

(This photo is my rendition of what it would look like for 3 young and eager children to be told by nature AND the cops that they, too, aren't allowed to do their B-Fit B-Day Challenge. They are obviously quite sad.)

In second conclusion, it seems like it's been AGES since I've worked out. I'm getting ansy.

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