Sunrise, Wha?

I saw a true sunrise this morning. Probably for the first time in months. When you work 2nd shift, you generally try to avoid being up that early if at all possible.

I was sleeping soundly (dreaming about babysitting (?)) and blissfully unaware. Suddenly I hear my cell phone ring. I look at the clock, and it's only 5:30. This can only mean two things... there is a family emergency... or there is a work emergency.

I waited for the phone to stop ringing, and patiently listened for the sound of a new voicemail. I knew that if a voicemail wasn't left, it wasn't important enough (or was a wrong number), and I could go back to sleep.

But then I heard the voicemail tone. So I listened to the message. It was my boss, slightly frantic.
"Kelly, sorry to call at 0-dark-hundred hours, but we need a director. We're doing a liveshot this morning, and we need you to come in and direct. Call me."

I called, and he told me to get to the station ASAP.

I imagined driving up to the station and finding a general state of panic and alarm. Another school shooting? The president is dead? California detached from the rest of the states and floated out to sea? What could possibly warrent saturday morning live cut-ins?

But when I arrived, there was only one car. At first I thought this was a joke. Then I thought I had heard him wrong or, in a state of deliriousness, had totally made this whole thing up.

The Master Control Operator told me everything was fine, and that I was just the first one here.

When I offered up my possible suggestions of tragic events (I really like that California one), she laughed and told me it was just beacuse the water levels in the river were high.


..... Well DUH. It's ONLY been raining for the past 2 weeks straight! Nearby towns and cities are only COMPLETELY underwater! This is BREAKING NEWS?!

Apparently others weren't impressed either, because an hour later, I'm still here by myself.

And my boss? The guy who made that first original frantic call? Yeah, he's not here either.

This makes my 13th hour of overtime this week.

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Karen said...

Overtime = CASH aka shoes, clothes, or whatever

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