Weight Watchers Week 1

I went to my second Weight Watchers meeting today. I weighed in at 166.8, which is a total loss of 4.2 lbs.

That's great for one week!

I will ignore the fact that I was wearing significantly lighter shoes today than I did last week when I weighed in.

I have, in fact, been weighing myself each day at home. I wasn't sure if I wasn't supposed to... but I think it keeps me motivated. Seeing the numbers drop every day gives me that extra push to not give up.

So according to my home scale (which is only more accurate because I weigh myself first thing in the morning, wearing only pajamas), I've lost a total of 3 lbs.

That's still great. I'm very happy with that.

What I'm not happy about are the two women who were sitting behind me in the meeting today. They were chatting the entire time... and being extremely negative.

"I ate all my points and no extras, and I lost no weight this week!"

"This leader is annoying. She's so scripted."

"I already heard this stuff."

... and so on. Gurrr.

It's really frustrating because I'm new at this, and I was just telling Ryan how surprised I was to find such a positive and friendly attitude at my last meeting. These ladies need to take their bad attitudes and leave!

I think I've got my race schedule all worked out for 2011. I will post on that soon.


Holly said...

Great job on your loss for the week!

Diana said...

Congrats on a great week! Nothing beats seeing the scale go backwards!
Bummer about the "negatives" in your meeting-make sure if you see them in the next meeting to set someplace else!

Kimberly said...

Great job on the weight loss!

When I did WW, I only weighed myself once a week and that was at the meetings. For me, it allowed me not to get discouraged during the week and skip to the plan.

Gina said...

Congrats on your loss, Kelly. And just remember that any loss - no matter how small - is great. Because it is not a gain! :) Next time sit by different people! Argh - that would have bothered me, too...

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Great Job!! I know several people who have done Weight Watchers and it worked great for them.


Wells L said...

Woo Hoo - way to go!! That's incredible - shoes or not! Keep up the good work. Move the next time - don't let the negative nellies ruin your session (you paid for it, you should get everything possible out of it!!!)

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