Happy New Year!

This post is sort of a New Year's tradition. Every year I take a look at how I did the past 365 days, whether or not I met my goals, and set new goals for the upcoming year.

Here we go!

Miles Run in 2010: 231
Miles Biked in 2010: 263
Miles Swam in 2010: 6.5 miles

Total Number of Workouts in 2010: 114 (only two more than last year!)

How I did on the goals I set at the beginning of the year...

Run more than 210 miles: I passed this goal by 21 miles. It's not a ton, but I've been slowly adding mileage year after year, so I'm pretty proud of this.

Complete an Olympic triathlon: I did that back in August. Yay! It was a rough race, but I survived, and had a pretty decent time to boot!

Run a 10K in under 58 minutes: I never actually ran a 10k race this year. I had the 10k during my olympic triathlon, but it was a disaster and I ended up walking a lot of it... so I'd rather not count that one. Maybe next year for this goal.

Average 17.5 mph biking in a race: I accomplished this goal at my last triathlon of the year (where I also got my first AG medal). I put new road tires on Reagan... so hopefully 2011 will be even faster!

Lose 20 pounds: Oh boy. I don't even want to address this one. Here have been my weights on January 1st for the past 3 years...

January 1, 2009: 152 lbs
January 1, 2010: 163 lbs
January 1, 2011: 170 lbs

So essentially, I've been slowly gaining weight every year since I started doing triathlons (what?!). That's totally counter-productive. But I'm working on this.

Goals for 2011:
  • Run more than 280 miles.
  • Do an olympic triathlon in under 3:49.
  • Run a 5K under 28:00.
  • Average 18.5 mph biking in a race.
  • Weigh 155 or less by next January 1st.
Happy New Year everyone! Go sleep off your hangovers and get your butt in gear for 2011!


Adam said...

Love the goals!! You did really well for 2010 too.... 17.5 MPH?! wowza

Anonymous said...

Hey props to you for being honest in this post. Great job at setting some goals for the year!

Wells L said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been a long time reader of your blog. Holly @ RBR says your from FW is that true? Either way, if you do Geist I would love to have a bloggy meet up for dinner the night before or lunch afterward. My training partner Chris and I are both running it along with her sister. I would love to meet someone. You had mentioned before that it was hilly - we're really scared - we're not good at hills at all!!! Miles 9-11 are always hard for me even if they are downhill- HA! I'm in real trouble. Would LOVE your advice!!! Hope you'll consider a meet up. It's a pretty inexpensive half compared to like F4F and the WHM that I did.
Thanks again for commenting!!!

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