Jingle Bell 5K Race Report

We arrived at the park around 1:40pm for a 2:00pm race start. I was cursing the organizers of this event, because their website had zero information. It didn't say what time you were supposed to arrive in order to check in. It didn't say whether it was a road or cross country race.

It didn't say anything. It just said the race started at 2.

Of course, my luck... I arrive, and they don't have a bib for me. I'm on the list... but no bib. That's odd.

So they handed me a spare bib, 2 jingle bells, and my bag of goodies, and I was ready to go.

I attached the bells to my shoelaces so I could "jingle all way" to the finish line.

The race was relatively small... about 150 people. So I had no problem getting up near the front for the start of the race.

I mentally prepared myself and got my Ipod ready on my "5K" playlist.

My efforts were fruitless, because my battery ran out about 3 quarters of a mile into the race.


The following photo doesn't show anything. It's just funny because it looks like I have to go to the bathroom (click to enlarge)...

In reality, I was just anxious and a little chilly. Chalk it up to bad photo timing I guess.

A few minutes after 2pm, and "Ready, Set, Go"... we were off!

Maggie was there, and she cheered me on as I ran past...

The first mile and a half were interesting. I don't like racing and not knowing where I'm going (stupid useless website). We ran up a hill, then around a neighborhood, then headed back the way we came.

Around the 2 mile mark, we ran back down the hill and passed the spectators again.

At this point, I was doing good (under 10 minute miles), but my lungs were hurting pretty bad. I definitely did not train enough for this race.

The last mile was a little bit like "is this over yet?". I felt like I was getting passed by a lot of people. I knew I was slowing down. I knew I wouldn't PR (although, didn't plan on it anyway... but it would have been a nice surprise).

I pushed to the finish...

And came in around 29:35 (I forgot to stop my Garmin).

Overall, it was a good race, but a little hilly for my tastes.

Next time, I'll make sure my IPod is fully charged. That was my own stupidity.

You know what else was stupid? Not staying for the awards ceremony. Remember my last triathlon... where I got 3rd place but didn't know it?

D'oh. I did it again.

According to the results website, I got third place in my age group! I tried to send an email asking where I can pick up my medal, but I'm not sure if I sent it to the right person (seriously... what a stupid website).

So, it wasn't a PR, but it was a great race nonetheless. Only 2 weeks and 2 days until my "A" race (at least where 5Ks are concerned). As soon as this soreness in my legs goes away, I'll get right back to training!


Diana said...

Congrats Kelly on a great run! You really need to start hanging around for awhile afterwards! All those medals you're missing out on!

Samantha G said...

What a nice surprise! Sounds like you did great, even without giving yourself much notice for the race. I was thinking about doing a jibgle-bell 5k on December 4 :) Hope the one I plan to sign up for isn't so unorganized, hehe.

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