Tying Up Loose Ends

We're back from vacation! Yeah, okay... so we've been back since Friday. But I've been busy... or lazy... or perhaps a combination of both.

Florida was good. Nice and relaxing and hot and beachy. :)

I'm sad that we have to wait another 9 months to experience such bliss again (hurray for honeymoons!).

But let's get down to business with all the loose ends...

Did I gain weight on vacation?

Yes, but it wasn't a terrible amount. We had a full kitchen in our hotel room, so I tried to keep breakfast and lunch pretty similar to what I was eating at home. I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted at dinner, but it never got out of control (okay... there may have been a day where I ate like 6 chocolate chip cookies).

Overall, I gained 1.6 pounds in 5 days, and then another .4 pounds on Saturday after a pizza and fondue night with our church group. Woops! But I'm back on track and counting calories, and I should be back down by the end of this week.

Did I ever get road tires for Reagan?

I realized that I never updated on the road tire debate. I decided to forgo the tires for the time being, and put it off until next spring. First of all, I wanted my Fishers Triathlon to be as similar to last year as possible (last year I didn't have aero bars, but that's the only difference in equipment), so that if I PRed (which I did!), it would be because I have gotten better. Secondly, I just never really got around to it.

How are my workouts going?

Uhh... next question, please. Well, in all seriousness, I've only worked out once since my last race. That's one measly 2 mile run in 17 days. Ouch! That's a big fat "F" for fail on my part. Without any races to prepare for (and with this chilly fall weather!), I've found my motivation seriously lacking. Which brings me to my next question...

Are there any more races in the near future?

I want to, but I'm not sure which one. I really only have 2 options... a 5 miler that is only a week an a half from now, or a 5K on Thanksgiving Day near Ryan's hometown in Pennsylvania. Neither option is ideal. The first race is just too soon, and I'm unprepared. The second option is a little odd because it's in an unfamiliar town and an unfamiliar terrain. I need to give this some more thought.

I'm back for a while, but still super busy (Ryan and I went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert last night, and we have a wedding in New York this weekend!). I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Go for the one Philly, it would be fun to do with Ryan's Dad.


kilax said...

I love your FL pics!

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