Aero Bars?

Hey all you triathletes out there! I'm lost.

I really wanted to get some aero bars this year. I am signed up for my first olympic triathlon in August, and I'm ready to take my cycling to the next level.

My parents even gave me a $50 gift card to my LBS to help with the cost.

I want to have them bought and set up before spring gets here, but I don't know where to begin.

I'm afraid to walk into the bike shop with NO idea of what I need because I don't want to overpay or get the wrong thing.

Here is the bike I have...

It's a Giant TCX.

Do I need different aero bars because I have a cyclocross bike and not a tri bike?
What should I expect to spend? I don't need anything super fancy or expensive... just something that is comfortable and gets the job done.

Any suggestions or advice? Much appreciated!


Mike said...

Sheesh, first clipless pedals, now aerobars! Your going big time! lol!!

Ryan said...

I just bought a pair for time trialing and after some research decided on Syntace C2 clip-on bars. They had some good reviews and when I bought them a month ago I stumbled on a really good price. They have three different sizes and the arm rests can be moved around some as well for comfort. I've used them a couple times now on a road bike and they work just fine.

Whatever you order, you'll need to know the size of your handlebars to check for compatibility.

Nat said...

SWEEEEET! You are converting over just like the rest of us fools have! :) I bought some profiled design T2 aerobars for my road bike. The key is the side of your handlebars. The nice thing about the profile design ones are they are two separate bars. Some come hooked together as one unit. Bad thing about that is you can't adjust just one side and not the other. For instance, if your left side of your back hurts, you can't adjust only the left aerobar, you have to move the entire thing. So, my advice would be to get bars that are two separate pieces. DC Rainmaker did an excellent review of aerobars a year or so ago which is how I decided on mine. Check out his blog - www.dcrainmaker.blogspot.com If you have more specific comments, the guy is a master at most products - no joke. He reviews a lot of stuff! Have fun!

Mike said...

One more thing, once you find a brand and style, go to www.thefind.com and enter it in to find the lowest online price.

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