What Happened to My Toe?

Friday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and to work at 8am. When I got there, I was told to go home and come back at 4pm because someone was sick and I had to cover for them 2nd shift. BLAH. I hate when that happens. I could have slept in!

I blame my job... because if I had been at work, I wouldn't have jammed my pinky toe on the couch leg that afternoon.

And I know, I KNOW my family and boyfriend think I'm a total drama queen. But it hurt... BAD. And it hurt all day yesterday. And it hurt every time I took a step. So it wasn't just your normal stubbed toe.

Today, it STILL hurts. I had intentions of signing up for a Thanksgiving morning 4 miler, but now I'm not so sure. I need to wait this out for a bit and see just how serious this is (it would NOT be the first time I broke a toe). I'll wait for the swelling to go down, then take it for a test run.

My Dad ran another 5k this morning (I've created a monster!). He finished somewhere around 26:20. That's faster than I've EVER run 3.1 miles! Congrats, Dad!

I need to get back in the pool. I haven't swam or biked since my last triathlon (September!). Ryan and I might take advantage of the nice weather and go for a ride tomorrow.

I'm realizing that if I ever want to run an olympic distance triathlon, I need to keep my momentum during the Winter. That's way easier said than done. But I did ask for a lot of training gear for Christmas (including road tires and aero bars!), so what better way to motivate a lazy triathlete?

But for now, I'll stay inside with my swollen toe elevated. Stupid couch! (One of many reasons Ryan and I went couch shopping this evening (where we realized that comfort is WAY more important than style.))


Ryan said...

you're not a drama queen.

Diana said...

Great time for your Dad's 5K! I'm just happy with finishing them these days, speed is on the back burner!
Good luck with the toe, having a broken one sucks-can't do anything about it but wait.

Tri Dave said...

Feel better. Get your toe healed.

Mom said...

Total DRAMA Queen!! but I love you anyway.

That Pink Girl said...

Ouch! Brokey toes hurt, no lie!

Mike said...

That makes my toe hurt just thinking about it! Get well soon!!!

Adam said...

It always pisses me off when I get up crazy early only to find out that my flight is late. Annoying.

I wonder if you broke your toe? Sucky thing is that they really don't do much for it even if you did. Blah. Hope it feels better!

Gina said...

I hurt my big toe - years ago - and it still hurts at time. No drama! Congrats to your dad and I hope you can run your Thanksgiving race.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Lets see the damage and then we can determine if you are a drama queen!!! :)

peter said...

Hope your toe gets better soon! I did that years ago to my toe and now it just always sticks out a little and requires special care. That's cool about your Dad and his time--sub 25 can't be far off.

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