TGIF Photo Friday

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Even though this was a week ago, I got my hair cut!

As a girl, I'm liking it. But as a triathlete, I'm cursing the decision because my hair no longer goes in a pony tail (at least not without 1,000 bobby pins also). This is quite annoying.

On a different note, I began Maggie's training yesterday to learn to sleep on the floor (HA!).

I practiced with her yesterday afternoon, and she did quite well. I only had to pick her up and put her back in her bed twice.

But when nightfall came and we tried it for real, she would have none of it. I don't mind her up and walking around so much as I mind her whining and barking (especially when Ryan needs to be up at 6:30 in the morning).

So after an HOUR of monitoring her and keeping her in her bed and keeping her from barking, exhaustion got the best of me, and I caved.

She slept soundly in the big bed again. Curses.

Maybe I can do this every night, and she will eventually get the hint and stop freaking out. MAYBE.


Gina said...

I love your new hair cut! I'm with you on the ponytail though. Could you wear a hat too, to keep the flyaways contained? What about one of those big hair bands?

Good luck with Maggie's sleep training! (She's so cute!)

Mike said...

Cute hair for a girl! lol

That Pink Girl said...

Oooh, your haircut is a haircutie!

Karen said...

Wow, cute. I don't think I have seen your hair this short since kindergarten.

peter said...

Cute! I love it. Forget the bobby pin thing.

Alesia said...

Love the haircut!! Keep working on Maggie sleeping elsewhere...it will be worth it in the end...says the Mom whose 3 year old is still sleeping in her Mom's room....hahaha

Adam said...

Stay strong on the dog front! I've always had a hard time cutting the cord. Good luck.

PS - fun hair!

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