A Big Week for Reagan

On Friday, I took Reagan to the local bike shop. She's been dying for a tune-up, and I don't know enough about bike maintenance to do it myself.

But I had secret motives behind this trip.

With only 5 weeks til my next triathlon, I knew it was now or never... to try out my clipless pedals.

(I'll wait for the applause to die down.)

So I asked the bike shop guys to give her a good tune-up, and reattach her god-given pedals (which I replaced with straps when I bought her last summer).

Then I went shoe shopping. I was sad to learn that triathlon shoes won't work with Reagan's pedals. Booo. So I tried on some regular cycling shoes. The sales-guy seemed to be pushing me towards a shoe with more tread on the bottom (possibly a mountain bike shoe?). He thought it would help me run easier in and out of transition.

My thought is... don't most triathletes just leave their shoes on their bike and run transition barefoot? If that's the case, tread wouldn't matter. So I asked to look at a road shoe instead.

I left the store with these...

Here they are at my house...

(Note the pink ribbon inside... 10% of proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.)

So I'm REALLY excited to try these out. Only problem now is... I don't have a bike! Reagan won't be done with her tune-up until NEXT weekend. Gurrr.

Hurry up, week! I'm sure everyone here wants to hear about my awesome first try (I WILL fall).


That Pink Girl said...

You KNOW it's on when even your shoes say "Specialized!" Gotta have the gear to do your best job!

Adam said...

OHhhhhhhhh, cooool shoes.

BTW, it cracks me up how people (read: girls) always name everything. :) I haven't let my wife name my car -yet.

Diana said...

I gotta ask.....where does the name Reagan come from???!!
Sweet shoes-I use the boring basic pedal that comes with the bike and my basic Nike shoes! My luck, I wouldn't get my shoes out of the clips and fall and break my a$$ somehow!

Gina said...

When I first got clipless pedals I went to an empty parking lot to try them out for the first time...Just a suggestion. :)

Good luck - you will do FINE!! And the shoes are cute, btw!

Mike said...


Rainmaker said...

Couple of suggestions:

1) Practice clipping/unclipping on a trainer if you have one (just do 10-15 seconds of cycling, then unclip, and repeat).

2) If you lack a trainer, practice against a wall in your house/garage/anything, don't pedal forward, just pedal backwards and then unclip and reclip, holding yourself up against the wall.

Good luck!

jeanne said...

cool! What ray said...cuz, yeah, you will fall. but keep trying and you'll get the hang of them soon.

as for leaving shoes on pedals during dismount...that's kind of advanced! I leave that stuff to the Big Kids!

But ... very sweet shoes!

peter said...

The one time I was ever clipped in, I fell. At a busy intersection I jerked one foot out but natch I started slowly going over the other direction. You ever try to do something real important real fast that you haven't practiced even once?

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