Who Has Time for Details?

  • When my triathlon essay won second place, I won a waterproof mp3 player. It came in the mail a couple days ago. I've already had to call the company and request replacement headphones because one of the earbuds doesn't work. Once those arrive, I will write up a full review on the product. It is an interesting one indeed.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be a whopping 24 years old. It's sad how your birthday becomes a lesser deal every year than passes. I love my birthday, it's just that I'm busy now. I work, and I have minimal friends in the area, and I have no idea what I'll be doing to celebrate. My brother offered Ryan and I bleacher seats at tomorrow's Cubs game, but we really don't feel like driving all the way to Chicago.
  • Our triathlon is a week from tomorrow. My Dad ordered some triathlon clothes and a wetsuit rental. I think it will be funny to see my dad all decked out in his gear. I went swimming on Wednesday, and I'm feeling relatively confident about things. This won't be a super fast race for me, because my training has been lacking. But I think I can finish it without stopping, and use it as a jump-start into the rest of my triathlon season.
  • My new job is going well. I already have 5 promos and 1 commercial on-air. Everyone has gushed at how impressed they are with my mad editing/graphics/directing skills. But yesterday, my boss says, "I'd say the only thing that you really need to work on is your writing." Um... EXCUSE me?! Did he just tell this to a blogger? A girl who won 2nd place in an essay contest? A girl who has been applauded all her life for her writing abilities? Yes. Yes, he did. So I guess all I can do it laugh.
That's it for now. I have work in 3 hours, so I think I will hit up the Y for a run (it's raining out). Everyone have a great weekend!!!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!
Glad to hear all is going well, you'll have a blast at the tri!

Anonymous said...

We wish you frohe gaburtstag morgen from Oma & Opa. Planning on beeing at theWausau event.

JojaJogger said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, after my marathon, I'll drink one adult beverage in your honor. (the rest will be all mine) :)

Rainmaker said...

Happy Birthday!

Adam said...

You're right. Birthdays are less and less of a big deal. Fail.

I'm still wondering when I'll reach that threshold where I no longer want to be any older. 30?

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