Athleticism Runs in the Family

My Dad was with me at my first triathlon last summer.

And now (in case you missed the news), he'll be competing with me 2 weeks from now at a sprint triathlon in Warsaw, Indiana. It will be his first tri ever.

He's been training quite a bit. I wish I could say the same. You'll be shocked to hear that in reference to Wednesday's post, I DID in fact set my alarm for 5:30 am Thursday morning. I got up and went RUNNING!... in the RAIN! Wow. That is SO unlike me.

While I don't expect that to become a regular occurrence, it was refreshing to do something different and not have to worry about working out after work (although, the downside was that I crashed around noon that day).

Yesterday, I went for a 14 mile bike ride which took me a little under an hour. I made it into a mini-brick afterwards by running a half mile. Just something to get my legs used to the switchover.

I officially signed up for a Y membership on Saturday, but have yet to go. They only have one pool (boo), so they only have 2 lap lanes open during the majority of the day. I need to find the best time to go for my schedule and their swim practice schedule.

Only 12 days until our race. I can't believe that. I think I'm in complete denial about this triathlon. I just might get there and totally freak out. I haven't swam in a real lake for any of my races (race 1 was in Lake Michigan, which is more like an ocean, and race 2 was in an indoor pool). The whole lake thing makes me nervous... fish and seaweed scare me.

So the betting is now open. 23-year-old Kelly versus 50-something-year-old Mark. Daughter versus Father. Veteran versus Newbie.

WHO will take home the title?!

((Disclaimer: There is no actual title. Any reference to a title or speak of said title is strictly fictional. Said title winner simply receives bragging rights for a year. Any bragging rights past one year in time are forbidden and considered slanderous in nature.))


I'm also preparing our dog, Maggie, for her athletic debut.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended Germanfest downtown. They have an annual tradition called the "Wienerdog Nationals".

It is EXACTLY what you think it is... a dachshund race. And the dachshunds came out in swarms (the dachshund is currently the 7th most popular dog in the US... who knew?).

We wanted Maggie to catch a glimpse of the race, so she could start mentally preparing for NEXT year! However, she seemed more interested in all the people than the dogs.

They had a little track set up. They raced the dogs one-on-one in a huge bracket to find the fastest dog. The dogs started at one end of the track, and on "go", ran as fast as they could to the handler on the other end.

There was something like 160 dogs racing, so it took HOURS to narrow it down. We left before the end because the crowd was so big, and it was hard to see the action.

But I told Maggie on the way home she better start training. My family doesn't take competition laying down. We man up, get out there, and race.


The Lazy Triathlete said...

I am following this familial throw-down very closely!!! This should be a great spectator event.


JojaJogger said...

I too am watching the contest closely. As part of your race strategy, how about letting dad swim in front, thereby chasing all the fish away and clearing a path through the seaweed. Then you can pass him on the bike and run portions. Ooops, wait a minute, I said was cheering for the 50-something. Nevermind.

Diana said...

That is awesome to be able to do the tri with your Dad, I'd love that opportunity. Best of luck to you both and it doesn't really matter who wins, well, I know it does, but just to do it together..that is going to be some great memories to share forever! Best of luck to you both!!!

Rainmaker said...

Ohh...this should be good stuff indeed. Though, topping a 160 hotdog-eque dog race is a pretty high bar.

jeanne said...

lakes are waay easier than oceans (or things that are LIKE oceans)! just don't stand up and you'll be fine. I'd KILL to do a tri with my daughter, too much fun!

that dog show was hilarious.

i hope you and dad get to cross the finish line together. :)

untpawgal02 said...

So cool you and your dad will be tri-ing together at your next race! Hope you come out on top and show your dad who's boss :)

Adam said...

NICE! My money is on tri experience this time. :)

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