Things I Learned While Biking

I went for a 24 mile bike ride today. It took me a little under 2 hours, but I had a lot of pitstops. "Pitstops" like getting lost or realizing the bike path is flooded in 6 different places.

I'm happy that my ride was so long considering this was only my second time out this year.

So what did I learn?

- Bugs are taking over the world. I couldn't even put my face up without getting a mouth full of bugs. I had to stop twice because a gnat went into my eye. When I got home, I found a slew of bugs crawling around underneath my shirt on my stomach and back.

- Hair is better worn up. Because if a bee gets caught underneath your hair, it WILL sting your neck. Ouch!

- I'm more in shape than I thought I was. Despite my lousy 12 mph average, I was actually keeping 16-17 mph for a good portion of the ride. I feel nearly as strong as I did last fall during my sprint triathlon.

- Your face can get sunburned. Despite having a helmet on and keeping my head down most of the ride, my face is red. I was a good girl and put sunscreen on my back, neck, and shoulders before I left. My forearms are a bit colored, but I'm not complaining.

Now, I have a question for all you experienced triathletes. How do you pump your bike tires? I have a little hand-held pump, which does a decent job, but probably doesn't get my tires as full as they should be (and if I ever got road tires, it would definitely not do them justice). So what do you use? Leave a comment.

I know you are all wondering about the job. I will post about it on Wednesday after I officially give my 2 weeks notice at work. Until then, ::zip:: my lips are sealed.


Rainmaker said...

I use a standard standing bike pump ($20 at Performance Bike) to pump up my tires prior to EVERY ride. 120PSI. Without jinxing myself....I can say I've been lucky to not have had a flat in this or the past calendar year...

Diana said...

Nice job on the ride! I finally came to the conclusion that eating all the bugs just gave my body the extra "protein" it needs to complete the long rides!
I never pump up my tires...I have the hybrid tires and they are fat enough to never go flat on me...sorry can't help ya on that!
Enjoy the bike!

Mike said...

There you go!!! Finally on the bike! lol Like Rainmaker said, go for the floor pump it's a great investment to have around and through in you trunk on the day of a ride or race. I usually run about 110-115psi in my road tires. The roads suck in places by me and you have to balance the too much vs. too little to avoid flats.

Hope your neck is ok.

Gina said...

One more day till your announcement...Cool. I also use a floor pump - I pump before every ride as well also between 110-115 in my road tires. What is the range your tires are supposed to be at? You could get a floor pump which has a gauge and make sure they are right each time you ride.

Lindsay said...


A hand pump has to be a pain :) I personally use the Hurricane Team Floor pump, which is on sale, and love it... Check your tires, they should have a recommended PSI on them. I'm with Ray.. my tires recommended is something like 115-130, and I pump to 120PSI EVERY ride... Knock on wood, no flats either.

Adam said...

*sigh* I need a bike.

Although, maybe not buying a bike is an investment in not having bugs all over me! Score. Adam 1, mother earth, 0.

jeanne said...

lovely ride! whatcha talking 'bout 12mph being slow! Humph!

do whatever Ray says. No questions.

Marcy said...

Ewwwwhhhhh about the bugs. Gross gross gross LOL

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