It's my "weekend".

Triathlon training officially began yesterday with a little time on the trainer (and I really do mean little... but I'm kinda sore today). Then this afternoon, I did my first swim in 2 months. I stopped after some inner ear pain, then tried to get water out of my right ear for the next 5 hours.

Biggest Loser is on tonight (yeah, yeah... I'm a little behind). Ryan and I always tape it and then watch it at the same time while we make comments online. "That person is stupid," "I can't believe she did that," "He is totally going to win," etc etc etc.

I facebook-status-guilt-tripped my mom into working out today. Muahaha. One more check in the good deed book (there had BETTER be one of those when I get to Heaven!).


Adam said...

Trick to getting water out of your ear is to get a cotton ball wet with rubbing alcohol and drip some into your ear.

I'm not sure how it works, but when you tip your head back to let it run out, it makes all of the water run out too! Magic!

That Pink Girl said...

I am so OVER Ron's attitude.
And SO proud of Tara for kicking butt!

Rainmaker said...

Wait - don't tell me what happens yet. I've still gotta watch tonights!

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