Arny Johnson 5K Race Report

(Those of you who are here looking for race results, they can be found at this site. If you are looking for race photos, they are here.)

Last time my mom and I ran a 5K, she said, "enjoy your race... I'm staying in bed." This time, she was already up and dressed by the time my 7:30 alarm went off.

We arrived around 8:30, right as the 10 mile race was taking off. At the starting line, my mom and I ran into 2 of my on-air coworkers who were also running the 5K.

We bundled up, got our Ipods all set, and were ready to run.

The race was a flat out-and-back course on a bike path.

I hit the one mile mark around 9:00. SLOW DOWN, I yelled at myself. I didn't think I would make it back alive if I kept up that pace.

There were 2 roads we had to run across, and I was extremely grateful for the police there to stop traffic. Problem is, one of my coworkers (who was way ahead of me), said that HE had to stop for the CARS. Outrageous. Do these police know how seriously we take our races and our finish times? He said that at least 10 people caught up to him while he was standing there waiting to cross the street.

I had a pretty decent sprint at the end of the race. And despite my low hopes, my watch says I crossed the finish line at 29:22. I'll take it!

I waited at the finish line for my mom to come in.

Then there she was...

She came pretty close to her goal of 38 minutes.

After all the 5K runners had finished, they handed out awards. My mom was pretty shocked when they called her name.

She got 2nd place in her age group!

They posted our official finish times soon after.

Me = 29:30 (but I'm sticking with my 29:22 because it took me at least that long to cross the start line)
My mom = 38:17

I was shocked at my final time because it's the SECOND fastest 5K I've ever run... even though my training for this race was truly minimal. I guess I'll just have to use this as motivation to get a PR at my next 5K!

What did I learn from this race? Show up early. Because I canNOT stand taking home another extra large shirt.



That Pink Girl said...

Congrats on the PR and way to go Kelly's Mom! Sounds like y'all had a great day!!!

Mike said...

Nice job on the run!!! Now you have a new PR to beat this year!!! lol

Mom said...

Didn't I tell you 7:30 was a good time to leave?

Nat said...

Awesome job! Way to go on the PR and great job to your mom too!

JojaJogger said...

Congrats to both you and mom on the great times. Who is going to put that "suitable for framing" award on their refrigerator?

Gina said...

Way to go you guys! How fun that your mom got 2nd place in her age group. And that is awesome on you doing as well as you did w/o the proper training!

Ted said...

I think that is so neat to be able to run with your Mom. It is uncommon these days where anybody can get to run with either their Mom and Dad. Your experience with your Mom is priceless. Cherish the moment!

peter said...

Broke 30 minutes, that's the standard. Good job! But your Mom. An A.G. finisher (2d). Cool! (Did you run off and leave your Mom!?)

Rainmaker said...

Nicely done going single-digit! Congrats!

And awesome job to your mom for the taking home some hardware.

Lindsay said...

Congrats Kelly! Always a nice start to the season!!

And the fact your mom commented on your blog makes me smile. :)

Adam said...

Nice job Kelly and way to go MOM!

That is really awesome that you were able to run so fast so early in the season! You are totally going to set a new PR this year... I can feel it!

hehe, for some reason I laughed at 'on air personalities...'.. :-P

Diana said...

Nice job on the run! How fun for your Mom to bring in 2nd! Kudos to her too!
The rest of the year can only be great for your runs!

jeanne said...

awesome!!! that just proves training is soooooo overrated!
your mom=cool!

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