TGIF Photo Friday

(Theme courtesy Nikemom.)

6 of my friends came to visit me on New Years day. They got the idea to come to my station while I was working. After the 10 o'clock show, they just played around in the studio for a while. I think they are pretending they're on "The View" here.


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! I think that View cast would be MUCH better if you ask me ;-)

untpawgal02 said...

Sure looks like it! But if one of my friends worked for a news station and I had the chance to go down there... I'd do the same thing!

Adam said...

You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy???
Dammit. Who typed a question mark on the Teleprompter?!

Haha, I wish I had a fun job. If I had your job there would be hours of myself infront of the green screen pretending that I am in various places - Waynes World Style.


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