I'm a Liar

So, I reported that my weight yesterday was 149 1/2, when it was actually more like 149 2/3 or 149 3/4.

I know that's not too bad. My justification was that I would SURELY weigh 149 1/2 by this morning. But when I got on the scale this a.m., a big 150 stared back at me.

WHY? Why? I worked out yesterday and I only ate 1641 calories. This should not be.

Maybe my scale is playing a cruel trick on me. It's going to hold off and hold off until the MORNING of my trip when I'll suddenly be at 149. If that's the case, I'm not laughing, scale! We need to talk!


Everyone wrote about the inauguration yesterday... how great it was, and change, etc. Besides the fact that I totally hate politics, and besides the fact that our station was on inauguration OVERLOAD yesterday (how many times do I have to make an Obama graphic in one day?!)... besides all that, I just wasn't all that impressed.

Don't get me wrong. I TOTALLY grasp how historic this is and wonderful and how far our country has come from the days when african americans weren't even allowed to vote. All of that is completely surreal.

HOWEVER, things aren't going to change any time soon. We can't go and put all of our hopes and desires on this one man to just fix everything.

I think we're setting ourselves up for a great dissapointment. And I think 6 months from now, people will start wondering, "when is this change coming?"

But I hope I'm proven wrong. Because I can't get a job, and I have some friends who are unemployed at 24. That's just tragic. And I KNOW the economy is to blame.


Chic Runner said...

I totally agree with you! :) thanks for talking about that in a not so one sided way too.

Karen said...

149/150 Who cares, you have done an amazing job. I have been backsliding recently, I need help.

Ryan said...

you better watch out, I hear Obama is going to mandate an extra 2 lbs to those who weren't wowed be the inaguration :-x Obama is listening!

Adam said...

Stuipd economy. Whatever happens, I hope that someone is able to fix it quick! I too know many twenty somethings that have lost their jobs. Shoot, my company is doing some belt tightening as well!!

Marcy said...

I agree chica. He hasn't even done anything yet and there is all this hype.

Anonymous said...

It is in the genes...LeRoy Oma starts a new diet every Monday...Opa

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