Happy Birthday, Ryan!

I know none of you care, but it's my boyfriend's birthday today!

He's OLD now... the big 2-3 (still younger than me).

So happy birthday, boy!

I'm gonna get him good and drunk next week to make up for our distance on the big day. AND I got him a super awesome birthday gift that I'll post photos of after our trip.


Marcy said...

Wow 2-3 is young! Is he potty trained yet? :P

Marcy said...


Anonymous said...

Kell, We care!!! Oma & Opa

Adam said...

OLD!? Oh dear....... Keep saying things like that and I may get some sort of age complex. :)

peter said...

So post a picture showing him in his 20s, not his teens! (Kidding! Nice looking young man.) When I turned 23, I was at a party and someone announced it was my b'day. Somebody else said how great it was for me to be 23. Ever the cynic, I said to all my young peers, "Yeah, it's really great to be halfway to 46." Now that I'm 56, I remember that moment with irony!

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