TGIF Photo Friday

It's me on Christmas morning... ready to eat breakfast and open presents!

(theme courtesy nikemom)

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! I am super sad it's over (and I really hate the thought of having to take down all my decorations).


Ted said...

I'd normally take down all the decoration in the middle of January. I like to leave all the decorations around for a couple more weeks. You can do the same! What's the rush in term of taking things down!

Hope you got nice gifts from Santa!

Pat said...

we both do the photo friday from nikemom. welcome. I'm impressed that you kept the weight off during the holidays. I can't say the same.

jeanne said...

I HATE that it goes by so fast. Hope you had a great christmas, and yes, let's not rush to take things down. Jan. 31. Deal?

Adam said...

You need a slanket! :)


*rolls eyes at my wife*

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