La La La Days Off

I had Sunday off and today off, and I have tomorrow off.

So much free time!

What am I doing with my days off? Spending all my money on Christmas gifts, groceries, and the laundry machines; cursing in the general direction of the construction men outside my window; catching up on all my trashy TV shows; and...

working out!

Yeah, you heard me right. I was so impressed with my results from Sunday that I did stairs again yesterday. I took today off, but only ate 1700 calories.

I'm officially 7 pounds down with only 8 more to go. Look at that line!

Everyone has been talking about year-end totals recently. So I signed onto my training log and my grand total for running is...

::pathetic drumroll::


Okay, so it's nowhere near the numbers that other people are pulling, but this was my first year, and I didn't even start running until June. Considering all that, I'm pretty happy. Who knew that I could run that much?

And I decided that I will lift my temporary ban on running (this was a secret I-hate-running-on-treadmills ban), and finish off my 3.9 miles to make it an even 100 for 2008.

That will make me and my compulsiveness happy.


Marcy said...

Any mileage is good mileage PLUS you're a triathlete so you have to factor that into the mix, ya know? It's not like you ONLY run (like some losers :P) ;-)

Ted said...

We should create frequent flyer program in that kind of regard. The more miles we accumulate... don't we get freebies like free roundtrip anywhere in the continental U.S.

Karen said...

Good job on the weight loss.

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