I Love the Weekend

Tuesday was a crazy day at work, so I'm really cherishing these 2 days off.

First off... my weight loss is so-so. Eating has been my enemy, so I'm trying to step up the workouts a little bit.

Yesterday, my mom suggested I run a 5K, then walk back. Good idea, I thought.

It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday... 70 degrees and sunny with row upon row of trees covered in yellow and red leaves. Beautiful. It was a little windy for my tastes, but I plotted my 3.1 miles so the running portion would be with the wind.

My run went pretty well. I havn't run 3 miles since my last triathlon, so I wasn't even sure I would be able to do it without stopping. Take THAT 5K!

Around mile 2, I started to hurt a little, but I kept going. I finished up in 33:20 (not great, but not horrible).

I was in a park when I finished the run, so I took a little break. I sat at the end of a dock in the middle of the river and let the wind cool me down. I instantly felt happy with my decision to run out there.

20 minutes flew by. The cool wind and the warm sun felt good and I got lost in my music and watching an adorable puppy play in the water. (I'm like my own cheesy greeting card!)

I felt so good after that... I didn't even mind the fact that my feet hurt and I still had another 3 miles to walk. The wind was getting stronger. Trashcans were blown over and trees were down on the bike path.

When I got home, I was sore and my feet had blisters (I REALLY need new shoes). But the one thing I didn't expect was for my hands to be HUGE! I noticed they felt tight when I made a fist, and when I looked down, I had crazy sausage fingers. I couldn't even get my ring on!

But apparently swollen hands are really common for walkers (I wouldn't know, because I never do it). Something about fluid buildup caused by lack of circulation or having your arms at your side or something. Weird.

9 days until the Jingle Bell 5K. I'm really proud of my mom... she's up to running like 2 1/2 miles without stopping.

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Marcy said...

I have the same prob (can't get rings on fingers) after I get done running, especially int he summer months.

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