Election Day

A quick update... (and I mean quick)...

Elections: Yes, I voted. Waited in line for 45 minutes.

Weight Loss: 2 days in, 2 pounds down. But, I have a feeling that's a fluke. Only time will tell.

Work: BUSY day. However, I'm keeping my eye on the prize... two days off starting tomorrow (two days in a row is a BIG DEAL).

So, Happy Election Day everyone! Everyone tells you to go vote, so I'm going to tell you to go thank your local news employee (we work HARD to get you your results!).


Karen said...

Thank you, I am sure your newscasts will be flawless tonight!!

Rainmaker said...

My dad works at a TV station as well - I know how sucky election day is for ya.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratylations on the 2#. Stay away from th fridge and thanks for the election work. Hilary will start her new campaign tomorrow/ OPA

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