Woops, My Bad

Posts have been spotty recently because I don't want to admit I've only had two workouts since my last triathlon. Taking a few days off turned into taking a week off, which then turned into way too much time off.

On monday, I ran 2 miles. I had intentions of working out tuesday, but I was sore. I had intentions of working out wednesday, but construction noises woke me up at 7:30 and I was too tired. I had intentions of working out on thursday, but I was crazy dizzy and felt like I was gonna pass out. Friday? construction again.

So there are my pile of excuses.

Although that construction really is annoying. It has constantly been one thing or another since I moved into this building... new kitchens, new carpet, new cable... the list goes on. And now it's new windows, which is super loud and takes way too long. Next time I move into an apartment, my number one question will be, "Are you planning any construction projects within the next year?"

My fan on high, my earplugs in as far as they will go, and a pillow over my head combined won't drown out the sawing and hammering. Plus, they start right at 7:30 am every day (I work until 11pm every night). Overall, I expect a lot of sleepless mornings in the next month or so.

Does anyone have any tips for blocking out noise while you sleep?


So enough complaining. Here are a few more pictures from the Jay-Hawk triathlon...

The pool:

Pre-race talk:

Preparing myself:

Swim swim swim:

Transition 1:

All done:

So as for my workouts... I'm well aware I need to step it up. I don't want winter to become this black hole for my training.

This morning, the construction noises were suprisingly quiet. I caught up on sleep with a whopping 10 1/2 hours. After that, I went to the Y for a short trist with the Elliptical.

I know the one thing that will keep me in line this fall is having something to shoot for. This means I need to find a race asap. My mom wants me to do the Jingle Bell 5K in december. There is also an indoor triathlon which I want to do in january. All that is fine, but I think I need something before that. Time to start looking.

PS Tomorrow, there is a HUGE regatta taking place outside my building. And since it's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny, I think I will spend my morning watching that.

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

I am glad that you comment that you work until 1130 every night. I was going to mock you for sleeping in until 0730. Thats weekend get up for me. :)

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