Losing It

I don't want to admit this (because admitting it means I have to fix it), but I'm in sort of in a training slump. I've been doing the bare minimum amount of workouts per week, and those workouts are never all that impressive. I seem to have lost my motivation to go faster and harder and longer.

This is not a good time to lose motivation.

Even though the triathlon at the end of the month is a sort of "just for funsies" thing, it really hit me the other day just how hard it's going to be. The bike portion alone will be almost an hour.

But even this realization can't seem to get me off the couch. I'm a little bit in denial. I'm sort of stuck in this gray area where I'm good, but I'm not great... I'm in shape, but I'm not fit... I try, but I don't really push myself.

I havn't done a single brick workout since before my supersprint. That's making me nervous.

I need to sit myself down and have a stern talking to. "Kelly... no one can fix this for you. You're not going to wake up one day and suddenly be faster and stronger... only you can improve yourself. So unless you want to WALK the sprint's 5K portion, you better start stepping it up."


On a more uplifting note, construction in my apartment building is almost complete. I can hardly wait.

They were in my apartment on Monday wiring new cable. "We won't be much longer than half an hour," one man said. But 2 hours later, they were still pounding and drilling and making a mess.

They have been waking me up almost every morning around 8 am for weeks now. I've done everything from scream, to cry... from piling 3 pillows over my head, to threatening their lives.

And they were right there in my apartment. I had an entire rack of sharp knives.... and I just couldn't do it. I'm far too nice a person. Although, when they left, I made sure NOT to say 'thank you.' Take THAT, construction men!

Oh, I promised uplifting. That wasn't uplifting at all. So here is the good side...

Tomorrow I get cable! Real honest to goodness cable! And a DVR! I'm shaking with joy as we speak.

But you've been warned...

There will be a direct corrolation between the increase in my channels and the decrease in my motivation to workout...

... or go to work.

... or shower.

Hell... I just might get so enthralled in my TV I forget to breathe.


RPBenton said...

I should try and be more motivating rather than tell you to sleep in and not train. Either way, good luck! And when in doubt, look at how lazy I am. It will make you feel better about yourself.

Steve Stenzel said...

I'm glad you didn't take a knife to anyone's neck.




Rainmaker said...

Nice, ya updated your header (or I just noticed now).

You should throw ice cubes at them next time, but just leave the freezer open and pretend they came magically flying out.

Karen said...

You may have to cancel cable, or it will take over your ife. I go out of town for the week and the training falls apart.

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