I Don't Like Football

I went running this morning. Went 3 miles total, but walked 1/3 of it due to the intense humidity (95% ewww).

But do you notice something different?

That's right... no KEYS in my shoelaces!

That's because all of my small personal items are now safely secured in my SPIbelt!

My mom bought one for herself and one for me. Risking that I'll sound like an advertisement, I'd like to tell you how handy it is. It snaps around my waist, carries my junk, and doesn't bounce when I run.

This is the loot I stored in it this morning, but it could fit more (incuding my camera if I so chose).

The best part is its expandability. It can hold TONS of stuff, but when nothing is in it, it shrinks down to about an inch wide.

Oooooo Aaahhhhhhhhhh.

So go out there and get your own!

**Advertisement Over**

This 3 mile run was supposed to be yesterday. I had my morning all planned out. I would wake up early and go for a run so I'd be back for the Comcast installers who would come between 10am and noon.

Unfortunately, he showed up at 9:15 while I was preparing to leave. Blast!

He hooked up two tvs and a modem. He chatted a lot through his gapped smile... told me stories about some of his most interesting hook-up jobs and described a few customers who threatened his life.

When he heard I worked at the TV station, he got really excited. He proceeded to tell me about how he once met the evening news anchor.

I'm not sure why people feel the need to tell me this. The conversation always goes the same way...

STRANGER: "You work at the TV station?! Are you on air?"
KELLY: "No, I direct the evening news."
STRANGER: "Oh.... Well this one time, I saw [insert random anchor/reporter name] at the [insert random grocery store, DMV, or restaraunt location]!"
KELLY: "Cool."
STRANGER: "Do you ever see him/her?"
KELLY: "Yeah.... just about every single day."
STRANGER: "Wowwwww. Are they as [tall/fat/bald/funny] as they seem on TV?"
KELLY: "Yeah, I guess."

It's not like I'm working next to Brian Williams. It's just a local news station. The anchors don't get special perks. They don't have "people" to do their bidding. They do their own makeup, drive their own car, and occasionally get drunk... just like normal people.

Maybe I'm a little BIAS, but I'd like to think my job is FAR more interesting. We directors don't get our just props.

**Rant Over**

Anyway, the cable guy was there for a long time. And when he left, I had to hook up my wireless router (another 1 1/2 hours of my morning spent on the phone with my tech-geek boyfriend).

Long story short: There was no run until today, and they forgot to bring my DVR (gurrrrrrrrrr).
Oh yeah... so what does football have to do with anything? Nothing. But I couldn't think of a title and college football is boring me to sleep at work.


Karen said...

Way to call Ryan names. I thought you were taking a picture of new shoes, you need new shoes.

IronGambit said...

I have a SPIBelt, I love to use it to hold my number.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet belt!

I love the rant and that advertisement!!

Marcy said...

Oooooo I'm diggin the belt! Dang it hold a good chunk of stuff too!

Kelly Coleman said...

Hi! My name is Kelly Coleman & I am the Sales Manager for SPIbelt.
I was wondering if it would be ok with you if we linked this page of your blog to our website:
We always love sharing positive experiences from people & would love to share your SPIbelt experience! Thanks Kelly!

Kelly Coleman
Sales Manager
1015 E 3rd
Austin, TX 78702

Rainmaker said...

Nice! Although I think I would lose man-points if I wore a pinkish fanny pack.

mrjwhit~ said...

I am so digging those adidas. The spi belt is great too.

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