Happy 1,000

I logged on and looky there... I'm the 1,000th visitor to my own blog. Congrats to me! Do I get free ice cream or gasoline for year? No? Well, that's dumb. What kind of blog IS this?!

We're not talking about my "swim" this morning. It was more like a "swim" through my subconscious (I stayed up too late last night, didn't set enough alarms this morning, and thus slept through it. Even the stupid construction couldn't wake me).

This angers me not because I was supposed to swim two days ago and STILL havn't, and not because this is the SECOND day in a row I've done NOTHING... but it angers me because it means I have do my hair again tomorrow. Maybe my mom was right... I should just cut it all off. I am so ANTI blow-drying my hair that it's rediculous. I seriously plan my training schedule around "hair" days. I'm only allowed to swim on a "hair" day... you know... that whole two birds/one stone thing.

So instead of telling you all about how I didn't swim this morning (oh... I already did that...), I'm going to talk about something else.

For my upcoming triathlon, I am in the "Athena" division. For these purposes, it means a woman who is over 150 pounds. Yeah, yeah... that's me. Depressing. However, by my calculations, it should give me a slight advantage at the race. All the other Athenas are older. Plus, there are more women in my age group than women in the Athena group. That means I have fewer competetors for a medal. So far it's just me and 7 other women. Go me!

Speaking of the Athena group... I'd like NOT to be in it next year. As you can see, I'm not setting any hardcore "weight loss" goals or anything. I just need to be healthier... and I'm starting now (sort of).

My first goal is to drink more water. Believe it or not, I drink LESS than a glass of water each day. You heard me right. We are supposed to get 8 per day, and I can't even manage one. To be honest, I don't drink much of anything... I usually only drink when I'm eating. The only time I drink water is when I'm working out. Eek. So I really need to step that up.

I'll update you later on how that's going.

I need to start doubling up on the workouts to make up for these past two days. Bleh. I'm excited for my race, yet I'll be exciting when September is over so I can take a break from all this.


Karen said...

Breaks, Breaks, there are no breaks in Training, or is that no crying in baseball?

Marcy said...

150lbs ain't no thang. Totally not depressing :-) A lot of the Athena chicas are built solid, just really tall.

My gosh, I can't believe you only drink a glass a day LOL. I go through a gallon a day here :-X But you're on the right track, little changes one at a time are easier to stick to rather than overhauling your whole diet :-)

Danica said...

Drinking Water is so clutch. Just carry around a Nalogen bottle everywhere. It seriously helps, I wasn't drinking enough water and now that I have that bottle I am constantly guzzling some down. :)

Anonymous said...

You bettr not let your Uncle Kevin har you only drink i glass of water a day'cause he is a firm beleiver in it and your kidneys need it as well as the rest of your body. Drink, drink Bruderlein trink, Opa

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job being your own 1000th!

And good luck kicking Athena butt!!!!

Michelle said...

Love the new header! I've seen a lot of articles lately on how the whole "8 glasses of water per day" thing is suspect. Here's the gist: The number originally came from the National Academy of Sciences of the United States Food and Nutrition Board, which publishes recommended daily allowances of nutrients. The 1945 edition of the Food and Nutrition Board said "A suitable allowance of water for adults is 2.5 liters (about 8 cups) daily in most instances." This amount is based on the calculation of one milliliter of water for each calorie of food. HOWEVER, the Board also noted that most of the water you need is in the food you eat....

"A reasonable amount for a healthy human is one cup of water or any other fluid with each meal. If you have a problem with constipation you may not be drinking enough water, but if you are not constipated, you are getting plenty."

Not trying to dissuade increased water intake because it can't hurt and probably helps to eat less. Just trying to lessen your guilt :)

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