Chugging Along

Surprise, surprise! I actually managed to drag myself to the Y yesterday for a swim. Granted, it wasn't all that long... but I had pretty low expectations for my first pool swim in 4 weeks (wow... that's a LONG time!).

Here is the good news about my swimming: I'm improving.

Don't believe me? Check out my charts...

The first chronicles the distances swam by yours truly over the past 3+ months. The fact that it's slowly rising is a good thing.

This next chart is swim pace. The fact that it's dropping is good (means I'm getting faster!).

I got up super early this morning and had hours to burn before work. Thus, an originally short run became a long jog.

Halfway through my normal 3-mile course, I was feeling great (really!). I decided that instead of just doing the norm, I would aim for something new.

I ended up running 3.62 miles in a 37:19. It's slow, but it's a personal record for distance run. Yay! Moments like this, it really hits you how much a person can improve with a little effort.

Once my run was over, I felt pretty good. I wasn't as tired as I would have guessed, however my joints were aching quite a bit... that's new. I made sure to stretch really good once back in my apartment.


Work has been exceptionally boring today. Instead of my normal job (directing the news), they've thrown me in Master Control. For those of you who are television-lingo-defective, that means I'm the person who cues all the commercial breaks. BO-RING!

But on a more productive note, I'm doing better with my water drinking. I figured if I just went from 0 to 8, I'd give myself instant water intoxication, so I'm taking it slow. I'm up to like 3 or 4 glasses a day. Better.

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The (IRON) Clyde said...

How do you track your swim pace?

Do you just time yourself and divide by how far you went, or do you wear something that does it for you?

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