Birds, Boats, and Biking

Yesterday was day one of Sprint training. It was the most beautiful and perfect summer day. I hope that the rest of summer is this gorgeo... wait... summer is over? Oh. Well then I guess it was a good way to say goodbye. Funny thing is, yesterday was the FIRST time we had hit 90 degrees ALL year. Odd that it took so long.

Either way, I'm not one to be scared of the heat. So Reagan and I went on a nice ride around town.

I absolutely love training on weekends and holidays, because everyone is out enjoying the weather and their families. The river had tons of boats on it. Since the bike path runs parallel to the river, it's fun to race the boats on your bike.

Everything was going as planned, until I ran across a suprise next to the path.

It was a hawk... eating a snake. Awesome.

In the picture below, you can see the snake coming out of the left side of the hawk's mouth.

I was able to inch a little bit closer and get some better photos of the bird. He saw me there, but refused to move until his dinner was finished.

Overall, the ride went well.

Distance: 13.7 miles
Time: 1 hour exactly
Maximum Speed: 24.5 mph
Average Speed: 13.6 mph
Calories Burned: 495.3
Fat Burned: 59.1

By TOTAL coincidence, I biked the sprint race distance. Who knew? But what suprised me more was how long it took me. I guess I had forgotten just how far 13.7 miles is... and the fact that I need to run 3 miles AFTER that. Oh boy.

I believe I have more work ahead of me than I originally thought. I will go for a run today.


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That's crazy!! The only crazy birds I see around here are wild turkeys LOL

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