You'll Want to Hear This

I have an announcement. This morning, I signed up for another triathlon.

It's called the J-Hawk Late Bird Triathlon. It's held at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater towards the end of the month.

The reason for all this indecisive delay was because I was unsure if I'd be able to make it back to work on time after running this race. I contacted the Race Director with my concern and receieved this email reply:


When you sign up, send me a reminder e-mail that you need to leave at a specific time.

A 10 minute swim puts you right in the middle of the pack, so you could end up at 10:45am or 12:30 (I split the times in 1/2- the first ½ goes slow to fast, then the 2nd group of waves goes fast to slow).


Well, that pretty much sealed it for me. If my wave went off at 10:45, I would have plenty of time to finish and make it back to work by 3 pm.

So I'm all signed up and pumped. It's a full-blown Sprint with a 500 yard swim (done in an indoor pool... yay!), a 13.7 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. I can totally do all those distances... I've just never done them one after another before.

That's where my trusty training schedule comes in. I'm using the final month of a run-heavy Sprint-specific training schedule. This only works because I'm still pretty trained up from the last 3+ months.

Today is exactly 4 weeks from the race, but I'm taking the day off due to yesterday's 5K. My month of training officially starts tomorrow.

If one triathlon makes me a triathlete, what does two make me?

I guess we'll find out...


Rainmaker said...

You're addicted at this juncture. it's all over - there's really nothing more you can do now to fight the addiction. Before ya know it, it'll be Oly's...then halfs...then...

Anonymous said...

Youy are no longer a Rookie but not quite a regular so I guess you are a minor leaguer until aftr the next on the you will have attained being a rgular and a starter!!! Confusing? Keep it up. Opa

Marcy said...

2 makes you insane because I would never even try one :P LOL

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