A Letter to my Back

Dear Back,

You and I aren't friends right now. You are being a real pain (literally), and I'm not going to stand for it.

You hurt when I stand and when I sit and when I lay down. It feels like you're stabbing me every time I move in a way you don't approve of. But this needs to stop. YOU AREN'T IN CHARGE HERE. I am.

You can do this to me any old time you want... but NOT this week. I have a race in less than 2 days. My first triathlon... and I'd prefer that I'm able to MOVE.

I skipped my final workout today because of you. I'm giving you the day off so you can get over your little temper tantrum and leave me alone. You have until tomorrow to knock it off.

This is your final warning.

Angerly and Sternly,


Steve Stenzel said...

S.O.B. of a back. Damn it.

Dad said...

The IB Profin will be ready for you tonight. 800mgs can do wonders!

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