Intervals with a Treat at the End

I slept for over 10 hours for the second night in a row. I'm just trying to get in as much sleep as possible before the week (and thus the construction) starts up again.

When I went outside this afternoon, it was COLD. Okay... so 70 isn't exactly arctic temperatures, but it was colder than I'm used to. Biking when it's 70 degrees and windy = goosebumps!

I'd like to point out that it's a very good thing my race is less than 2 weeks away, because I'm kind of getting burned out. Right now I've hit the point where I'm just bored with the same thing all the time (imagine how bored I would be if I only trained in ONE event!). But I can't let myself slow down quite yet. So to shake things up a little bit, I did bike intervals today.

Basically, you bike a mile at normal pace and see what your time is. Then you take that time and multiply it by 80% to find your goal time.

My mile time was 4:30.

80% of 4:30 is 3:36.

You then do 4 intervals of 1 mile with a 1 mile rest in between.

The problem with my 1 mile is that I couldn't find a stretch of 1 mile road that wasn't a busy road or really bumpy. I thought about using the bike path, but there were too many walkers for me to really go fast. I finally settled on a split road right near my apartment, however it was only about .6 mile long. This caused the issue of turning around mid-interval. I would be tucked down and going 19 mph and suddenly I'd have to brake and look for oncoming cars and make a U-turn. Then I'd have to try to speed back up to my 19 mph. ... Very difficult.

My splits looked like this:

I was proud that I was able to go a little bit faster each time around. By the end, my legs were burning good. I couldn't believe that after just looping around the block a bunch of times, I had ended up travelling 11.2 miles.

Distance: 11.202 miles
Total Time: 49 minutes 48 seconds
Maximum Speed: 20.3 mph
Average Speed: 13.5 mph
Calories Burned: 386
Fat Burned: 47.1


And now... for your viewing enjoyment (drumroll, please), I present you with:

10 Photos That Never Made the Blog Cut

Yellow bath water...

You can't really tell, but EVERY time I bike, I end up with dirt on the tip of my nose...

Sometimes I make mini pizzas...

All sweaty and intense looking...

Back when the river flooded...

My homemade german potato salad that looked better than it tasted...

See me? SEE ME?!...

Reagan likes to be photographed...

And lastly, me crying (how sad)...

Wait... that's why...


Karen said...

I am so impressed with your adventuresome eating, even if it is about 20 years late!

tracie said...

great job with the splits lady!

loved the pics too :)

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