25 Mile Bike Ride

It stormed all yesterday morning, so when the sun finally came out, I jumped on the chance for Reagan and I to get in a long ride. On Sunday, I plotted out a 21 mile ride all the way from my apartment to Rock Cut State Park and back.

I got all ready and realized the front tire on my bike was a little low. Time to figure out this pumping business again.

I went online and looked up how to fill a tire with a presta valve, and I thought I had it. But when I tried to pump it up, I ended up completely deflating it. GREAT. Now instead of a slightly low tire, I had a completely flat tire.

It was then that I figured out my pump was not Presta Valve compatable. Gurr. But I wasn't about to give up, so I drove to Walmart and bought a new pump... which I STILL had trouble figuring out.

I fiddled and fussed and even called my mom. I was extremely frustrated at this point because a lot of time had passed since I originally got ready for my ride. The gods must've smiled on me at that point because it finally worked. Ahhh.

Plus the best part of my new pump is it attaches right to my bike. How convenient.

Once my tire was all pumped up, I was finally on my way. I wrote my directions down on a piece of paper since it was a new area for me. Time passed quickly and it was going well, and suddenly...

I had hit Rock Cut State Park. I had hit it far earlier than I expected... time had just flown.

So instead of turning around, as planned, I kept going. I rode around in the park for a while. I'm not a huge fan of riding in the park because of all the hills. Plus since it's wooded, there are 3 times as many bugs to fly in my face (specifically mouth and eyes) and splatter on my chest.

One thing unique to the state park is the wildlife. I almost hit a turkey at 20 mph. It didn't even seem to notice.

After a few extra miles, I turned back and headed home.

I couldn't believe that flooding was STILL affecting this area. There was an underpass which was completely unusable.

On my way home, I passed a mall which was oddly placed in the middle of a subdivision. Apparently others had noticed the weird placement too, because it was the EMPTIEST mall I've EVER seen.

Yeah... it's OPEN.

So I made it back home in one piece. It was the longest I've biked (by about 10 miles!), so I was very proud of myself.

Distance: 24.69 miles
Total Time: 2 hours 11 minutes
Time Riding: 1 hours 50 minutes
Average Speed: 13.5 mph
Maximum Speed: 24.2 mph
Calories Burned: 910.5
Fat Burned: 107.9
Temperature Outside: 91 degrees

You could definitely tell it was hot out...

Now, considering how overprotective I am of Reagan and how I avoid puddles like the plague, I want to know HOW I ended up so dirty.

I have impecable timing. Less than 5 minutes after I got home, the storms came.

Pouring rain, tornados, thunder and lighting. Madness. Thank goodness I wasn't out in that.

I should do a brick workout today, but of course I don't want to. We'll see how that goes.

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