Stupid Storm

When I woke up this morning, it was storming. This was depressing because, naturally, I wanted to go biking. I am continually promising myself (and my new bike) a super long ride, but weather and time and other circumstances keep getting in the way.

Too lazy to trek it over to the Y, I waited out the storm while watching Season 3 of Sex and the City. It finally stopped raining about an hour before I had to leave for work. And since I'm the slowest shower-er and get-ready-er on earth, that didn't leave me much workout time.

So I went for a quick run. And I mean 'quick' in more ways than one.

I ran 1.13 miles in about 9 minutes... which means my mile time was a little under 9 minutes. Awesome... that's unusually fast for me.

It wasn't super far, but like I said yesterday, I need to start adding some variety to my running routines. Today was about going fast... proving to myself that I can travel faster than 4 mph.

I havn't swam in over a week... I AM going to swim tomorrow. I AM going to swim. Swim swim swim swim swim:

Ooo... maybe I'll swim and THEN bike.

...Or swim WHILE biking:

1 comment:

RPBenton said...

i don't think your bike would appreciate being under water.

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