I'm So Over This Whole "Running" Thing

My 3-mile run was so-so. Going into it, I told myself that I could run the entire thing without walking once. But it was sunny and 89 degrees. And it dawned on me that I hadn't had a glass of water in 2 days (stupid pee-water).

I ran for the first 17 minutes. I then walked for 3 minutes. I walked again twice for 2 minutes each.

My knee was giving me problems, which was odd because it's been pretty good all summer. But the 5K on Saturday is a cross-country course, so it shouldn't act up too much.

Total, the run took me 35 minutes, but 7 of those minutes were me walking and gasping for air.

When I got home, I collapsed on the floor. I was feeling extremely slow and discouraged and beginning to dread Saturday's race.

But the clouds parted and a voice inside urged me to check weather.com. And there it was... the 2 magical numbers that make it all better... 7 0

That's the projected temperature for 8:30am in Beloit, Wisconsin. That will help me SO much. Ahhh... I'm saved.


On a more disturbing note, I DRANK the pee-water this morning. I had to. I was dying of thirst and it was only MILDLY discolored at that point.

I also SHOWERED in it. At the time this post was published, my hair has YET to fall out... I'll keep you posted.

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Karen said...

OK, so you should not be drinking the water. I will bring you clean water!! Maybe your water is the same toxic water that is in the park!!

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