My boyfriend started his own blog today. He's not training for a triathlon-- I think he just wants to be more active.

I repeat... he's not training for a triathlon... yet.

I've noticed all of this is quite contageous. I bet by this time next year, he'll either be sucked it... or will have dumped me because I'm insane.

Either way. Go, Ryan!


I ran a little this morning. If I havn't said it before, my running is truly pathetic. I was going to run to the Y and then use the treadmill, but somehow, on my way to the Y, I just kept going. This was perhaps a bad idea. I didn't realize how hot it was... or windy. Trusty weather.com told me it felt like 87 degrees. Add running head-on into 20 mph winds and it feels more like 95.

The sky grew darker and darker and I just BEGGED it to open up and pour on me. But instead I recieved an insulting 2 drops of rain.

I'm pretty convinced I'm the slowest runner on earth. I used to be pretty good. I can't remember my exact times or anything, but I was definitely in the top 15% of the runners on our massive high school cross country team. And now I can't seem to run 10 minutes without stopping.

I only ran for 20 minutes today. I stopped 3 times to catch my breath and pray for rain. Then I dragged my pathetic self home.


It's funny how often I get asked about my training. I didn't realize people were so interested. I like to pretend that it's because they are so insanely impressed by what I'm doing.

I recieved the funniest text from my mom this afternoon.

"I am at park watching bikers do u need gloves these must be serious bikers"

I laughed and responded that no, I didn't need gloves. But I DO need a helmet. Yes, yes... SHAME on me for riding my bike without a helmet! But the last time I owned a helmet was elementary school. I'm working on it.

So now I feel all bad for setting a horrible example. So here is my very own PSA on why you should wear helmets....

You should wear a helmet because helmets prevent things like this...

Photo Courtesy the New York Times (what do you MEAN this isn't real?).

Also, if you're WEARING your bicycle helmet, then small animals can't be taking up residence in it...

And the final reason to wear a helmet... it makes your helmet happy...

So go be safe!!!

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