Brick #2

I woke up around 9:30 this morning. I can't remember the last time I was up that early. I figured I'd better take advantage... so I did another Brick.

I looked up the pool schedule at the Y to make sure there would be lanes open. It said swim practice ended at 10am, so I would be golden.

But I got there, and there was still practice. Which left only 2 lanes for laps. I had the choice between joining an older woman who was a pretty bad swimmer, or an even older man who was an even worse swimmer. Considering the man was a 'flailer', the woman seemed my best bet.

But apparently she's deaf. Because I tried THREE times to ask her if I could share a lane with her, and I never got so much as an acknowledgement. It was becoming embarrassing when I hear a man's voice say, "Not much luck, eh?" I turn and see 'flailer' in the next lane over. He says, "If you don't get a better offer, you're more than welcome in here." So I joined.

My swimming had to be strategic. The man was swimming freestyle in one direction and some crazy form of backstroke in the other. The freestyle was fine, but the backstroke could take an eye out.

Number of times I was smacked: 4

I gave up after only 7 laps. I quickly jumped out of the pool and headed to the locker room. I threw on a pair of shorts and pulled my socks and shoes over my wet feet. I grabbed my keys and my sunglasses and headed out. I then biked 7.3 soaking wet miles.

I really need to plan out this outfit situation a little better. I don't own a wetsuit and I'm not willing to buy one yet. I wore a sports bra under my bathingsuit (which earned me stares by the swim team moms at the pool). And by the end of my bike, my gray cotton shorts were soaked through. That was a bad idea.

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