Mini Victories

I ran the longest I've ever run today.

Disclaimer: Not the longest EVER... just since my training started. And not the longest without stopping (that's currently set at 13 minutes (on a treadmill)).

But, I ran 23 minutes, stopped 3 times, and travelled about 2 1/2 miles. That's an estimated 9 1/2 minute mile, which I know isn't exactly GOOD, but it's good for me and where I started 4 weeks ago.

Yes... it's officially been 4 weeks today.

On Sunday, I swam the most laps I'd ever done before (13).

These all seem really trivial... but they're minor victories that will hopefully build upon eachother until race day. Considering I began this program as something pretty close to a couch potato, I'd say I'm making good progress.

Plus, I got to test out my new shorts today:

Shorts Day 1: Legs feel cool and stylish.

Could these be race day shorts? The next test will be to see how they stand up when they're soaking wet.

Time to run (metaphorically) and frantically start cleaning my apartment. Ryan flies in tomorrow morning for a week-long visit. I'm super excited.

He told me he was going to make sure I kept up with my workouts. I told him I would only do my workouts if he came with me haha. We'll see what happens...


RPBenton said...

if it comes down to it, then yes...i'll come with you. i may slow you down though. Congrats on a month of training!

Anonymous said...

Nice Shorts!!

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